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Photo of martial arts instructor

     Hanshi Charles Scott has taught thousands of people of all ages over the years. His school, The College of Martial Arts, does not focus on teaching sport karate, or point sparring.  His focus is on traditional martial arts. A martial arts that will teach you skills and awareness if you are attacked.  He aims to develop reactions that can be applied to protect yourself.  


     Hanshi’s Scott’s area of study includes Shudo Kan karate (8th Dan), Gosoku Ryu karate (8th Dan), Kenpo Jitsu, Taekwon Do, Kobudo weapons, Yoshinkan Aikido, Wu Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chuan where he holds different black belt rankings in each.  Mr. Scott has continually been training in Hojutsu, the art of firing a gun, for 10 years with Soke Jeff Hall and was awarded the rank of Godan (5th dan) in February of 2016. Additionally, Hanshi Scott has a doctorate degree in Martial Arts Management with an emphasis on Oriental Religious Philosophy.


By having such a strong background in so many different styles of martial arts Hanshi Scott is able to take the basic value of karate another step further through the introduction of other types of training. This is very valuable for instruction where self-defense is paramount for life safety. It allows a student learning karate to also learn basic tactics in judo and aikido where a fight may end up on the ground and any means necessary will be used to subdue an attacker--something that sport karate does not focus on.  


Karate class on Monday nights and Saturday mornings are taught by Hanshi Scott. These days offer an hour class for kids (4-13) and a separate hour for adults (+14) Exceptions on age are always made and depend on the level and ability of the student. Hanshi teaches Aikido and Kung Fu on Tuesday's and Thursday's for all ages and all levels. He also teaches a Iaido (katana sword) class that is occationally combined with other Kobudo weapons on Saturday after the Adult Karate class.

Photo of martial arts demonstration

Renshi Dennis Swarthout started taking karate classes from Hanshi Scott in the late 1970’s when he was 12 years old.  He is a Nana Dan (7th degree) black belt and was recently awarded the title "Renshi" by Soke Kubota in 2014. Renshi is a title bestowed upon those who are actively teaching and have over 30+ years of training. Renshi Swarthout is an invaluable member of our dojo. He is an excellent source of information and an outstanding instructor. His methods of teaching allow the student to break down basics to their most pure form and to develop the most proficient movements.


Renshi has additional background knowledge in Shotokan and Shito Ryu Karate.


We have many high ranking and excellent instructors who are always willing to help teach you basics or work with you on more advanced kata's and techniques.


Shihan Dai Annie (Go Dan-5th dan) and Sensei Bo (Yon Dan- 4th Dan) are both wonderful with kids. They lead a class that focuses on basics and basic breaks on Wednesday nights that is a favorite for kids and families.


Sensei Dave (Yon Dan-4th Dan) works a slow introductory course for new members on Friday evening. This is also an excellent class for those who need additional clarification or who have questions that can't be asked during one of the faster courses.


Sensei Bill (San Dan- 4th Dan) On Thursday evenings Sensei Bill teaches a class that is set at a quick pace and covers a lot of basics as well as kata. This is a class that has been growing in popularity with adults of all ranks.


Bill is a 4th dan black belt in Shudokan Karate and cross-trains in jujitsu with Hanshi Charles Scott. Bill began his training with Tae Kwon Do in the 1990s, then Shotokan Karate before dedicating his effort to Shudokan and Gosoko Ryu under Hanshi Charles Scott in 2002. Bill has been teaching karate classes to all ages and skill levels at IKA Alaska since 2011.


In the near future, Bill will add an ongoing self-defense class to IKA Alaska's already diverse offerings. Check out the IKA Self-Defense Facebook page by clicking on the button. More information will be added as the class gets started.




***All ranks are welcome to all of classes and the pace of the class varies on how hard you want to go.***



Renshi Swarthout and Hanshi Scott
Hanshi training at Soke's Dojo 2012
Renshi Swarthout and his boys
Shihan Labrador w. Renshi & Hanshi
Aikido/ judo
Sensei Kaari and Hanshi kick drill
Hanshi overseeing So So Wa Ima 2011
Los Angeles visit 2014
Kata Class 2014
hojitsu AK may 2016
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