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Photo of man in Karate Gi
Do I have to sign a contract or join for a long period of time?

There is an initial waiver and registration fee. This fee is used to process your name in the IKA database. You only have to pay this fee once in your life. You can train when you are a child and come back as an adult and never have to pay it again.

How much do classes cost?

This depends on many factors having to do with which program you choose to train in or the period of time. There are also other factors and promotional deals that may affect a student's tuition rate. Because of these variables, it's recommended to contact Mr Scott to discuss the programs and have an exact cost of training quoted. Another plus to coming in is the opportunity to check out our facility and possibly watching part of a class!

Sensei Chet is in his mid 70's. He started taking karate when he was 68 yo. Chet shows his dedication by attending classes multiple times a week. After years of training he recieved his black belt in 2015. Chet has come a very long way in his journey both physially and mentally. 

Photo of child in karate Gi

Miss Lilly started taking karate when she was 5 years old. Typically this is the youngest we will accept students. Some children as young as 4 who are able to listen and follow directions have also been permitted to join. Lilly is now 10 and is a brown belt. 

How are you different from other local schools?

We have adopted the term “College of Martial Arts” or (CMA) because we offer a number of different programs like Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Jujitsu and Iaido.  Hanshi Scott has dedicated his life to introducing martial arts to all who are interested.  Everyone can benefit from martial arts and since each person is different Hanshi Scott provides different programs for students to try. We are a diverse school that is not focused on teaching martial art as a ‘Sport’. We want to teach martial arts to better you as an individual while teaching you self-defense.

Isn't Karate for kids? I feel like I'm too old to get started.

You are never too old to start learning karate. Karate develops into a whole new mindset that can foster a new lifestyle. Karate is both a physical workout but it is also a mental one as well.  Our founder, Soke Tak Kubota, is still training and he is 81 and Hanshi Scott is in his late 60’s!

Most common side effects of training in karate are:

1) Improved flexibility

2) More strength

3) More energy.

When can I join?
Improve Your
  • Physical Fitness

  • Mental Focus

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Respect

  • Discipline

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Felixibility

You can join any time. We do not have sign up dates or deadlines. Anyone can jump in at any time and start learning martial arts. In some cases your home school student may even take Karate for PE credit. Please talk with Hanshi directly if you are interested in helping create a personalized curriculum for your home schooler!!

What if I want to train in multiple different programs you offer?
I'm concerned that martial arts will make my child aggressive or teach them to bully others.

We are a ‘bully free zone’. We do not tolerate bullying and we teach tactics and values to prevent bullying.

Children learn a lot about what it means to be respectful and polite here. As a result, kids who weren't violent in the first place become even more respectful and kind. Kids with behavior problems often become very respectful and calm.

We provide a number of programs to accommodate all kinds of martial arts practitioners. Where one student may enjoy Karate another may prefer to train in Aikido. We pride ourselves in providing an array of different types of martial arts for all people. The majority of our students prefer to “Crosstrain” which allows students to attend unlimited classes in any style per month.  This means that one could take classes in Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Jujitsu, and Iaido all at the same time. This is great for those who are unsure of what program they would be most interested in at first. Even if you have been training for decades as a karate-ka, we have a number of other programs if you want to try something new!

Are students required to participate in tournaments?

Not at all. Tournaments are a wonderful way to foster community with other schools in the area but you are not required to participate in them. Some people enjoy demonstrating their skills in a more competitive atmosphere, while others merely wish to watch. We host a tournament every October and organizing such an event is time consuming. We do very much hope that you show your support to your school by helping set up or pack up. This is also a wonderful setting to socialize with your fellow students and instructors as we typically those who assisted go out for dinner or pizza after everything is wrapped up.

How often will I test for a new belt?

Belt testing is determined by Hanshi Scott. Typically testing takes place 2-3 times a year and he will hold an exam where a large sum of students are testing at one time. These tests range in time limit from 1 hour to 7 hours depending on the rank you are testing for. According to traditional Japanese etiquette no student should ever ask if they can test. It is up to the head instructor to tell you when to be ready.

Can I participate in a class with my child or can siblings be in the same class?

Absolutely! Siblings will generally be separated as needed if they do not work well together or distract one another, in other instances siblings can work very well together. This will be assessed on a day-by-day basis, but there is no reason two siblings of similar age cannot participate in the same class. If you wish to join with your child we will make accommodations for you and you will be permitted to attend class with them. We still strongly recommend that you attend at least one ‘Adult’ class a week for your benefit.

Are parents allowed to watch class?

Of course!! There are large bleacher style seating at the back of the class for parents and supporters to watch. We do ask that you are quiet and respectful as there is no barrier, often we can hear even light conversation at the back of the room while working out on the floor. This can be very distracting to those who are learning to focus. If you must have a conversation please step outside or wait until the end of class.

What if I or my child has ADD or ADHD?

Hanshi Scott has been teaching adults and children for over 40 years. He has a lot of experience with children with different learning abilities. We have taught many kids diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and we have seen remarkable improvements in these students. Parents have reported that their child’s focus, discipline and respect has improved greatly at home and in school in only a number of months. We allow students to learn at their own rate and enjoy watching them grow as martial artists and achieving black belt.

  • You are never too old.
  • Poor flexibilty, that's Okay.
  • No balance or coordination, NO PROBLEM!
Do you offer military discounts?

Yes. We love our military and very much enjoy military members being a part of our school. We offer a military discount for members and their family. Email or call for additional information.

We thank you for your service!!

What is the difference between Karate & Jiu-Jitsu?

The differences and similarities between all of our classes offered can be found on the ‘CLASSES’ page.

Do I have to be in great shape to join Karate or Jujitsu classes?

NO! You will learn the techniques and moves at your own pace. By taking classes you will become more coordinated and find your fitness levels increase, by no means do you need to be great shape to start taking classes.

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