Believe That You Can
IKA & College of the Martial Arts

IKA Alaska introduced Cardio Kickboxing to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1998 and it has continued its dedication to fitness through martial art movements to this day.  The IKA & CMA Kickbox Fit instructors are certified and have a martial arts background.  You will be taught correct technique in order to maximize your workout and gain useful skills. 


Kickbox Fit is exclusive to IKA Alaska and offers a workout like no other.  You will move at a pace that is comfortable for you, but still challenging.  The workout is broken up to include aerobic, anaerobic and strength training in order to give you that total body workout you desire.


Kickbox Fit is a kick-butt, sweat-pouring workout that burns a high number of calories and with the right diet will help get you into the shape you have always wanted. 


 Rebecca Sanches, Certified Kickbox Fit Instructor